net profit. net purpose.

We make impact measurement effortless for investors.

net purpose provides raw, quantitative data on the social and environmental outcomes of companies and investment portfolios.

We make ESG and impact measurement effortless for investors, to accelerate our transition to a sustainable world. 


For investors.


Align instantly with evolving ESG and impact measurement standards


Access raw data on outcomes, not revenue or proprietary scores


Automate client reporting, and outperform vs benchmark and goal


Cut the time and cost it takes to build a sustainable or impact strategy


For companies. 

Benchmark your social and environmental outcomes vs peers

Explore metric popularity, and identify ways to disclose

For standard-setters.

Access our metric map and explore opportunities to converge

Net Purpose is not a new framework. We help investors implement standards and best practice, today


Let's start profit with purpose investing.

Try our data today. Let's see if we can make ESG and impact effortless for you.