We know, ESG and impact are hard!

We built net purpose to support you.


How it works.


Select your goal(s)

Our world has goals!  Select your goal or standard to get started. Our data infrastructure was created to map to all evolving standards, so you know you're at the forefront of performance thinking and regulatory compliance.


Access data

Access data on real social and environmental outcomes, with the click-to-source transparency we expect of financial performance.  We clean and structure this data from thousands of different sources to make access effortless.


Measure the impact of your portfolio.

Report on the social and environmental outcomes of your portfolio, today. Assess your performance vs benchmark and vs goal, and identify ways to optimize performance to achieve our global goals. 

Our data.

We start with context: what do we as a world want to achieve? We then map corporate performance 1-to-1 to these global goals. This results in a radically transparent approach to assessing portfolio performance, and objective insights into how each of us - companies and investors - can achieve global goals.   


Our tools.

Metric map

Align instantly with evolving ESG and impact measurement standards

Fully transparent data

Access granular data on outcomes,

not revenue or proprietary scores

Portfolio reporting

Automate client reporting and outperform vs benchmark and goal

Mind the data gaps

View scientific estimations of outcomes where disclosure does not exist

Impact evaluation guide

Use our expert implementation of global standards to inform your own approach


Let's make good decisions. Let's achieve global goals. 

Try our data today. Let's see if we can make ESG and impact effortless for you.

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net purpose is the world's first data
provider for investors with purpose. 
We're on a mission to make impact measurement effortless for all investors by 2025. 
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